Welcome to the adventure of motherhood!

Equipping yourself with proper information and care is the first step in taking care of your precious little one. We are so glad you are here! At Nova Motherhood Services we seek to inform, empower and support women from all over the Northern Virginia and DC area. We offer birth and postpartum doulas, breastfeeding education, and a free local moms support group.

We can't wait to help you prepare for the arrival of your new little one. Please contact us to set up a time to meet and get to know one another!

What Is a Doula?

Great question! A Doula is a support person for a pregnant, laboring or new mother. Most people do not realize that during their hospital stay that the medical staff will come and go, and often not be in the room more than a few minutes an hour during labor. Having a trained and experienced labor companion and coach can help reduce pain, build confidence and ensure a more satisfying delivery. A Doula will help you think through your birth preferences. She will help you understand medical technology and as well as necessary common interventions. She is not a medical professional, but is trained in the terminology and uses of medical processes during childbirth. She is trained in relaxation techniques, visualization, pressure points, the use of a rebozo, and many other skills. She offers a calm, sensible approach to birth and supports the mom and her partner with the birth that they desire. She also allows the parents to choose their kind of birth (medicated or un-medicated) as suits their needs with each baby and she supports and encourages them each step of the way. She can help with early attachment and breastfeeding skills. She also makes a great resources for questions or issues that arise those first few weeks postpartum. She is your team-mate and cheerleader. She is a friend, a sister, and a servant. Most of all she is someone who will love and care for you so that you have peace of mind during this special time in life.

Ways to choose a Doula that fits your needs

Find a doula that is well trained. Look for someone that has trained with a nationally known organization, such as DONA.

See if the doula works with the type of birth you plan on. Medicated, Un-medicated, VBAC, C-Section, Home-Birth See if the doula is a personality match that fits what you need. Is it easy to talk with her? Does she seem calm and comforting?

Ask good questions to see if she is knowledgeable and confident. Do you feel safe and confident in her skills? Do you feel as if you can trust her?

Ask to see her contract, and what her payment policies are. She should be able to provide excellent documentation and a good contract for you to read and understand.